Q&A with Suzanne Little, Hunter Valley winemaker

by Georgia De Biasi
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8 Mar 2018  |  0 Comments
SVS stopped for a quick chat today with winemaker Suzanne Little of The Little Wine Company, in the Hunter Valley. Some great news too - it’s been a good vintage, and there’s a new winery cellar door on the way.

> It looks like the harvest and crushing season is done for the year - how did it all go for The Little Wine Co?

We’ve jagged another great vintage which means three out of the last five Hunter vintages have been absolutely brilliant (2014/2017/2018). Not a bad strike rate considering 2015 & 2016 were pretty good too. It’s exciting to have a winery and warehouse full of great wines to sell– it puts a smile on your face and makes all the hard slog worthwhile.

> Tell us how you got into winemaking.

My cousin Jan was a winemaker at Wynn’s in Coonawarra and she came to visit when I was about 15 years old – she made winemaking sound pretty cool so that was it, at 15 I decided what I was going to be.

> What are your favourite grape varieties and why? Has this changed as your winery has developed?

> I’ve got a thing for Sangiovese, not sure if it’s a mother’s love for a difficult child - it’s such a torment every year but I like the challenge and when it turns out right it’s sublime. In whites I like Vermentino – you can exert some winemaker influence on it and it’s a bit of a chameleon, always chopping and changing with each year and throughout the winemaking process.

> What sort of changes are you seeing around the wine industry in recent years?

In the Hunter there is a renewed pride about what we have - our history, our vineyards, our winemaking expertise and our community. I’ve been here for more than 25 years and there was a time when the Hunter lost its way but the last 5 years has seen the region go from strength to strength.

> What would you like to see for LWCo in the next 3 years... or vintages?

A new cellar door for us in Broke! Yes, The Little Wine Co will be coming home to Broke hopefully by start of 2019. It will see a renewed focus on our Broke-Fordwich vineyards and our sense of place.

> Exciting news! We look forward to seeing it... and sharing more of your wine! Thank you Suzanne.

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