2014 - the journey continues!

by Stuart Leece
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10 Feb 2014  |  0 Comments

Stumbling forward through the dark, “I’ve never seen it brighter”.  I need to Thank Scott Noon from Leura Cellars for that last bit, and I guess that’s really what I want to demonstrate in this piece.  We have so many customers and we have learnt from you, been inspired by you and worked with you to build our business over the last ten turbulent years.  My biggest regret over the last couple of years is that I have had to become more remote from most of you, but many of the changes I am working on (now) are to ensure I’ll be able to darken your doorway more often in the future. There isn’t a business without customers, Thank-you.

So what do we have to offer you, in the year ahead, as so many of you ask “what’s new?”. Hopefully, enough to keep you interested.

A Book!! The February portfolio goes to the printers later today, it’s already a much bigger book than I thought I’d ever be able to put together, but Tomi (Danska, our Buyer) has managed to squeeze in a couple more.  This time I think we might finally have gotten our Rhone offering right.  I am very pleased that Stephane Vedeau has offered his La Ferme du Mont, Clos Bellane and Jeanine Boutin (his Mum)  to us, I think the wines will be here properly in April, but we will have samples at the Comparative Tasting.   

James Kellie (Harewood Estate) has also managed to find some other sub-regional characteristics to express, so keep a look out in the fine print.  James has also managed to buy a vineyard (over the hill) from Harewood, this means that we can expand the production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Hopefully an end to allocations and constantly running short for the last three months (still a year or two away).

Champagne Jacquart will also be launching a new collection this year.  Stay tuned so you can be one of the early adapters.  This agency has been such a great success for us, we’ll be joined in market, Floriane Eznack, winemaker in April and several times by our good friend Shin Saito APAC for Jacquart.  If you haven’t met Shin before, he’ll be the cool Japanese guy with long hair and the French accent in a suit next to Champagne bowl, just another reason to attend the Comparative Tastings.  

What’s in it (The February book) for you?

PicturesMore colourful pictures, a lot of you have short attention spans and find words tricky, so we have lots of pictures.

AdsIt’s a selling document, if you can trawl through it, you will save money (and learn about wine along the way).

Voucher DealsWe introduced these monthly offers in the last book, some were better received that others, so we’ve fiddled around a bit and hopefully more of them strike your fancy.  They are located in the inside back cover.

Cover OfferThere’s a deal on the fly sheet, in the great tradition of all direct marketing, there is an offer on the cover sheet right under your address, we will honour it, that’s why we’re offering it.  Call us, verify your customer details and we will send you a case of wine.


We’ve been busy over the past year making friends in strange bars, we’ve developing a few partnerships to help us change our offering. 

Barilla pasta, primarily through the Feudo Arancio brand (but more generally our Italian wines as a focus) we have been working with Casa Barilla and their amazing chef Luca Ciano, to help add some wine to the experience at Casa Barilla.  We are also able to use Pasta as a GWP for consumer promotions, just ask.

Breville, we met the good people at Breville through Barilla, and again we are pleased to announce that we can offer you, either at a trade level or a consumer level Gift with Purchase promotions, across the Breville range.  Would you like a coffee machine with your order?  Ask us, it can happen.

We are working on another with our “wines from the Bibliotheque”  if it happens we’ll owe Brendon and Sonia, at the Food Society a big thanks. In the meantime, if you’re in East Sydney Riley St near Stanley St pop in to their underground bunker and order something pickled, trust me (do it).

A drink, there will be heaps of chances, we’ll have lots of dinners and lunches, small tastings, we’ll be at the Noosa Food & Wine Festival, we’ll do something at the Good Food and Wine Shows, and even Taste if we get our skates on.  We’ll also host our two major tastings each year.  The February Tastings are in the w/c the 24th in Brisbane then Melbourne, Sydney, Perth.  These are our Comparative Tastings, arranged in pallet order, from Muscadet to Port (as it were).  We tend to have more European suppliers than Australian at this gig (due to vintage).  I hear that a lot of other distributors don’t hold these events as often as we do.  That’s up to them, we just don’t know how else you can get to see what we’re offering in a simple comprehensive way, so if the wine is part of your buying decision, we’ll expect to see you there.

Hope you can join us for a drink and a chat.


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