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23 Mar

Get a Grappa!

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Brrr! It’s cold in here! Why not warm up with something new – like Grappa? This potent Italian spirit is made from the distilled skins, seeds and leftover juice of grapes once they’ve done the hard work of becoming delicious wine. 

It makes sense – enjoy some wine with dinner and then a splash of the good stuff after that. Or before, since it’s showing a greater presence in cocktails around the world too.

Our friends at Poli Grappa in northern Italy’s Trentino tell us that those leftovers get a workout. After the fruit is pressed, those skins, or must, spend time with the grape juice after pressing. Then they go into a copper still to double down and become the clear spirit known as grappa. 

In the category of distilled spirits, this one is fruit-based – technically it is a brandy.

Different grapes make different grappa, and it can be matured or flavoured much like other clear spirits. At Single Vineyards, ours range from the classic pulls-no-punches simple (but balanced) spirit that many people are familiar with, to the lovely, aromatic and mouth-filling honey grappa (Miele), to the Taiadea which is almost whisky-like in colour and flavour, or you can splash out on the luxurious Cleopatra grappa – as rounded and warming as a cognac, and made from aromatic Moscato grapes. 

The Poli Grappa team have a complete hands-on process and the team dedicates their efforts to creating a unique, elegant and distinctive range of grappas or grappe, if you want to practice your Italian. We have something for everyone whose taste in spirits roams far and wide, or if you just want to try something a little different!

Read more about our Grappa here.


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