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12 Jul

Match Making: Highgate Wines

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Food. Wine. A match made in heaven. The two are enjoyable on their own, but when paired correctly, an entirely new, flavoursome experience is brought to life.

For the Red Wine lovers

The art to this pairing is conveyed through the colour itself. Red is bold, and symbolic of courage, love, and passion. These themes can be found in an array of rich, mouth-watering foods, which can be enhanced by a powerful red wine, to birth a memorable explosion of flavour.

2016 Highgate – Mudgee Organic Shiraz


The Wine

The Organic Shiraz is an excellent choice for a wholesome evening, when trying to combat a bitter, winter’s night. The Aroma of Dark fruit is supported by moderate tannins and a gentle return of the white pepper, a medium finish with lingering blackberry and mulberry notes. Warm daytime temperatures ensure ripe and plush fruit flavours while cooler evening temperatures help to preserve a mild acidity which provides balance. This Highgate wine received 92 points in the Wine Business Magazine.

The Food

It would only be fair to pair this wine, with some classic, traditional dishes. You cannot go past tender, juicy, roast lamb with a colourful side of oven baked vegetables. This wine would also pair nicely with a hearty shepherd’s pie, to warm both your belly and your soul. If you are tired of Aussie classics, a Middle Eastern feast accompanies this Shraz nicely. The rich flavours of a hot meze spread with kafta kebabs, warm homemade pita, tabouli and of course a variety of dips can be enjoyed with a few sips of this Highgate red.



Aaand for the White Wine Fans

So red wine isn’t your cup of tea. A refreshing, and perhaps generous glass of white wine is your go to when looking to take the edge off after a long working week, while you binge your favourite TV show, enjoy the sunset, or catch up with friends.


2019 Highgate Orange Chardonnay

The Wine

Ah. Chardonnay. For so many this is a staple. It is hard to resist the enticing, fruity aroma of the 2019 Highgate Orange Chardonnay. The ripe fruity flavours, supported by round and textured subtle oak influences, are finished with the refreshing crispness of a lively grapefruit touch, to draw you back for more. This Highgate white comes from the beautiful Central Ranges of Orange, NSW – recognised as a great source of premium cool-climate wines. This wine received 90 pts from Gary Walsh, and 90 pts from Stuart Robinson from The Wine Front.


The Food

A delicious light and healthy meal that is enhanced by this Highgate Chardonnay is smoked trout salad with creamy lemon dill dressing and toasted hazelnuts. This is perfect for those looking for the nutritional benefits of seafood, whilst enjoying a simple meal that is still full of flavour. Another nice pairing for this wine is grilled lemon chicken over basmati rice and green beans. For those that are looking for a bit of a treat, or a meal with a little more substance, an experimental pairing is Ham and pineapple pizza. This one might be a little controversial, but it is worth a try!




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