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15 Feb

News From Champagne Jacquart’s Oenologist – Joëlle Weiss

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Dear Champagne Jacquart Friends,

Rain and more rain welcome us to kick-off 2021. So much that the rainfall this year was about double of our January monthly average. Since January 11th, barely a day went by without any type of pluviometry (rain or snow). While this climate might be very gloomy for us, humans, it is excellent to refill the water tables, affected by a very dry summer in 2020. Vines are in dormancy, therefore not impacted by rain or snow.

We have had several waves of freezing temperatures, bringing with them some snow. Cold is necessary to the dormancy. And it is important and necessary that to achieve a successful breaking of the dormancy in Springtime that there has been a significant gap between the sum of temperatures above 0°C and the sum of the temperatures below 0°C.

In the vineyards, pruning is almost finished. It is now time to tie the woods on the trellising system and mulch the shoots.

In the cellars, the meticulous work of assembling has started. We meet once or twice a week with the other oenologists and taste around 30 wines. First, we direct each sample to such or such cuvée of our range depending on its organoleptic profile. To make an analogy with jigsaws, it is when you sort out the pieces according to color or patterns, searching also right edges and corners.

Secondly, for each cuvée, we prepare a theorical frame with volumes and availabilities. Then, with the measuring cylinders we start assembling. Sometimes, the wines adjust easily. Other times, it takes ages to find the missing piece, whose ridges and hollows will perfectly fit the jigsaw.

Finally, the beginning of the year is also dedicated to inventory counts, among which our library cellar. It is always a special moment to count those prized bottles and be amazed by those old vintages. In this agitated and ever-changing world, it gives another measure to time and priorities.

À votre santé – To your Health!

Très cordialement,

Joëlle WEISS


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