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20 Aug

Single Estate Cognac in Australia: Your new favorite drink!

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Cognac, the luxurious spirit once reserved for the upper class, which then became a favorite of rappers and connoisseurs alike, is attracting global attention, as a unique, special drink to be celebrated.

What makes this spirit so unique it’s the fact that it is produced in such little quantities (Cognac accounts for fewer than 1% of the world’s spirits by volume). Cognac matures in the same way as whiskies and wines do in barrels, with most cognacs spending far more time “on the wood” than the legal minimum.

Cognac lies in West France, approximately 100km north of Bordeaux. Like Champagne, cognac is a delimited region defined by law, stretching across 80,000 hectares. This is 1% of the world’s vineyards, and it is the second-largest grape region in France, after Bordeaux.

Cognac Leyrat

With 370 hectares of vines, the Domaines Francis Abécassis are today one of the largest independent producers in the Cognac appellation.

They have nominated the Chez Malliard estate as producing the most interesting Cognac, and have developed a reputation for producing standalone single estate Cognacs of superior quality.

Single Vineyard Sellers is proud to present single estate cognac into Australia.

Cognac Leyrat VSOP

VSOP, or Very Superior Old Pale, is a blend aged over 6 years. It is golden yellow in colour, and displays elegance with the association of white-fleshed fruits, flowers and spicy aromas. It has harmony of sweet flavors with a touch of wood notes. The finish brings notes of new oak and spices.

Cognac Leyrat XO Hors d’Age

XO, or Extra Old, is a blend aged over 15 years, with an old goldern colour. The nose shows spices, oak and evolves towards warm aromas of acacia honey, candied orange, ginger and nutmeg. It is smooth with a mastered power, and the silky mouse ends on vanilla and butterscotch.

Cognat Leyrat Assemblage N.1

45 French bartenders gathered with the task of highlighting the taste of Cognac in cocktails. And voila – the Assemblage N.1 was created, specifically for cocktails!
Chosen for its gourmet notes of marzipan, summer fruits and spices, this blend wonderfully expresses the essence of this terroir and the savoir-faire of the Cognacs Leyrat Master Blender.


How is the magic made?

Cognac is made through double distillation in copper pot-stills to change the fruity white wine, from the finest grapes of the best terroir, into an Euex-de-vie, translating to ‘water of life’ in French.

Then, is left to age in a selection of toasted French oak casks, which are at least 80 years old, to extract aromas and natural oxidation process.

The Faces Behind the Cognac


Francis Abecassis and daughter Elodie head their family enterprise at Domaines Francis Abécassis.


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