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Harewood Estate

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Even by Australian standards, the Great Southern is vast, indeed one of the largest, and most isolated wine regions in the world. It is the playground of winemaker James Kellie, where he has a clear vision to create wines that represent the diversity and capacity of this unique place.

Apricus Hill

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These single vineyard wines differ from the classic style that winemaker James Kellie offers through his Harewood Estate wines – expect refined and distinctive varietal expressions from this unique site.

Refunds & Returns

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Refunds & Returns We hoped it wouldn’t happen… but here we are. Our aim is to resolve any wine or delivery issue as effectively and quickly as possible for you. Faulty wine If you suspect that your wine may be affected by a quality issue please contact us with the details. Damaged or broken stock...

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Pricing Information All prices are Australian dollars and are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Product prices listed are the retail case price and are applicable to online purchases on www.singlevineyards.com website only. We endeavour to ensure all prices displayed are correct but occasionally an error may occur. If we discover a pricing error...

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Orders & Payment You can place your order by creating an account or continuing as a guest. If you have any questions please email wine@singlevineyards.com or call 02 9460 3177 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. Credit card payment In order to purchase goods through the website you must provide valid credit card details. SVS...

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Shipping Items in the Single Vineyards shop are currently sold only as whole cases, unless otherwise stated. Some items are not available for direct sale online as they may require special handling or shipping. We welcome inquiries - please contact us [Link: Contact page] with any questions. Proof of Age Under the Responsible Service of...

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