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My Beer Dealer Tasting | 11th November 2022

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Tasting Time! Join the My Beer Dealer team, & Jon on the 11th Novemeber to enjoy a tasting of ranged wines.

The Sackville Hotel Tasting | 4th & 5th November 2022

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Tasting Time! Join the Sackville team, winemaker Suzanne Little & Stu on 4th & 5th Novemeber to enjoy a tasting of ranged wines from The Little Wine Company.

A Journey Across Spain

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Our shipment from Spain has arrived and we are very excited to be restocked on Campos de Espana, Amigo de la Tierra, and La Sorda! These 6 wines hail from all over Spain ranging from the north in Rioja to the south in Jumilla. The wines bring together specialists in each grape variety from all…

2021 Venica & Venica Pinot Bianco

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The bouquet is typical of this grape and particularly intense. Its aroma profile is complex with fruity, floral and spicy aromas that show a special finesse. Among them we may experience floral aromas reminiscent of wild rose petal scents, anisette, cotton candy, fresh bread crust and vanilla. That taste is fresh and clean; it shows persistence in the aftertaste and good harmony.

Dominique Roger: There’s No Great Wine Without Excellent Grapes

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Since the 17th century, 8 generations of the Roger family have been producing wines in the Bue area of Sancerre and in 1950, Dominique’s father founded Domaine du Carrou. Today, Domaine du Carrou is consistently ranked as one of the top producers in all of Sancerre. Dominique is as passionate about the vineyards as he…

Ulrich Langguth: Steep Slope Wines And Old Vines

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The Langguth family has had roots in the wine trade and viticulture for over 200 years, with the winery being founded in 1895 by the first Ulrich Langguth. The love for wine has also gripped the current 6th generation with Patrick Langguth who runs the winery today. Patrick first studied and trained as a lawyer then…


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