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Poli Grappa Taiadea

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Pale cherry red colour. Spicy (china) and slightly fruity. Bitter sweet and invigorating.

Poli Grappa Pere

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Clear. William Barlett pears. Soft on the palate with fragrant pear.

Poli Grappa Mirtillo

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Dark purple hue. Blueberries and lilly of the valley presents itself on the nose. Sweet blue fruits and rotundness on the palate.

Poli Grappa Miele (Honey)

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Pale golden colour. Pine, juinper and acacia florals. Sweetness presents itself on the palate along with a touch of balsamic glaze notes.

Poli Grappa Liquiriza

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Pale golden colour. Fragrant spices and tea leaves. Strong tea leaf and spice notes.

Poli Grappa Lamponi (Raspberry)

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Clear. Very strong red berries. Warm on the palate with overly present raspberry characters.


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