These single vineyard wines differ from the classic style that winemaker James Kellie offers through his Harewood Estate wines – expect refined and distinctive varietal expressions from this unique site.

The Apricus Hill winery was born in the spring of 2013 when James and Careena Kellie purchased the vineyard just a couple of minutes down Scotsdale Road from their home, Harewood Estate. Having bought fruit from this vineyard for years, they wished to secure access to the high quality fruit that they had appreciated working with over the years.

The vineyard itself, established in 1995, is the highest vineyard in Denmark on Western Australia’s south coast. At 210 metres above sea level and with panoramic views of the Southern Ocean, the vineyard experiences a true maritime effect with cooling ocean breezes make it a true “cool climate” vineyard.

The vineyard is a place of great beauty, facing a small valley off a ridge just kilometres from the pristine beaches of Denmark and the vast Southern Ocean. Strongly influenced by its maritime surroundings and true to the Latin origins of its name ‘apricus’, the vineyard enjoys an abundance of sunshine.


2022 Apricus Hill Pinot Noir

$420.00 for 12 bottles
for 12 bottles

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