Casa E. di Mirafiore is an Organic Estate, with its land in the Barolo and Fontanafredda subzone and the cellars in the heart of the historic village.

The story of Casa E. di Mirafiore began in 1878 with Emanuele Alberto Guerrieri, Count of Mirafiore, son of Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of an independent, united Italy. Emanuele was a noble farmer entrepreneur who dedicated himself to wine with a modern approach. His commitment was focused on winemaking as well as the community, finishing the construction of the village for the community of employees creating farmhouses, cellars, stables, churches, and a recreational club. Under Emanuele’s guidance, the production of Casa E. di Mirafiore wines was innovative with constant attention to quality.

Over the next couple of decades, Emanuele built up the brand and exported the wines all over the world. After he died in 1900, his son Gastone took over the family business and things began to deteriorate, lacking the passion and ability his father had before him. This, combined with the Great Depression, led the company to decline and file bankruptcy. The winery remained closed for more than 70 years from 1931-2008, forgotten by the market.

In 2008, Mirafiore returned home to the heart of the estate, purchased and restored by Oscar Farinetti. When Mirafiore reopened, it kept its original philosophy – where innovation is represented by the recovery of the unconditional traditions of the past. While paying respect to the traditional philosophy, Oscar also reshaped the internal guidelines of Mirafiore and began the practice of integrated agriculture, focusing on a reduction of chemicals in the cultivation processes, while also trying to limit its effect on the final products. By 2018, after a decade of changes and adaptations, Casa E. di Mirafiore obtained their organic certification.

While Mirafiore is proud of the quality wines they produce, their brand is more than just wine. The brand also reflects the philosophy of respect for the territory and enhancement of the community and culture promoted by Count Emanuele Alberto over 100 years ago. Mirafiore’s values are based off tradition, respect, elegance, and change. Using the most traditional refinement techniques dictate the wine style and observe the Piedmontese tradition, respect for the land and vineyards, while constantly seeking the utmost quality for each wine showing precision, balance, and elegance, and being open to change as the world around them also changes. These values help them produce the most refined Piedmontese tradition, intense and expressive wines, rich in personality and character, interweaving the old and the new.


2017 Casa e di Mirafiore Barolo DOCG

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