Established in 2001, Jenny and Herb Gardner farm 14.5 hectares of vines in Canowindra, in the New South Wales Central Ranges. Their desire to have a minimal impact on the planet is evident in the winery’s Certified Organic status, sustainable farming practices, production using minimal energy, as well as their own eco-friendly everyday lifestyle.

Jenny and Herb Gardner (yes, we love the name too!) chose the site for their vineyard, situated on the southern bank of the Belubula River, back in 1996. It was the culmination of an extensive search over south-eastern Australia to find a patch of land that met the requirements of appropriate soil structure for a vineyard – as well as natural beauty. It was always their intention that the vineyard would be run organically, and the use of chemicals not permitted under Organic certification ceased in 1996 before planting began.

Gardners Ground Vineyard is located within Rivers Road Organic Farms in Canowindra (Cowra Region) New South Wales. The farm is a community title property with an organic covenant over the whole area. More than 10% of the community land has been dedicated to native trees and pasture. Replanting of previously cleared land provides a habitat for native wildlife, shelter belts, and improves the quality of waterways on the farm and for everyone downstream. This is part of the community’s commitment to responsible land stewardship.

Vine planting began in 2001 and 14.5 hectares of the farm is under vines with the first vintage produced in 2004, with Herb Gardner as winemaker.

Gardners Ground (Organic) WINES IN OUR PORTFOLIO

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