Michele Chiarlo is one of the leading Piemontese producers. The house style has always been one of highly elegant and complex wines. The vineyards and landscapes of this winery are so unique that they have been recognised as a World Heritage Site for Humanity on account of their history, traditions and culture.

Cerequio is considered one the most prestigious crus of Barolo. Here Michele Chiarlo manages nine hectares of vineyards in Nebbiolo da Barolo, about 6 of which were acquired in 1988 from an estate which had been cultivating them for over two centuries without interruption.

La Court vineyard:
La Court, acquired in 1995, is a single parcel of over 20 hectares located on two hills: a size which makes La Court one of the most important in Monferrato. Set within a landscape recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rovereto vineyard:
The microclimate is unique due to the sea breezes and the nearby Apennine mountains.
The Rovereto Gavi comes from vineyards with an average of 25 years in age.

Montemareto vineyard:
Montemareto sits on a steeply sloping hillside. The aspect of this vineyard faces south and allows an incredible number of daylight hours during summer and autumn.

Nivole vineyard:
Nivole is bordered to the north by Asti and the Tanaro river, to the south by the Bormida river and “together comprising a zone, which good right to call itself the zone of the Moscato”.


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