Wines with a modern trait, combining tradition and innovation. To each its experience. The vines have always been a peculiar characteristic of the wonderful land of Puglia. With a Mediterranean climate and mild temperatures, the territory enjoys the frequent sea breezes coming from the coast.

Italians might be familiar with Bruno Vespa as he is one the most well-known TV journalists. He also has a passion for wine which started almost 40 years ago. He cultivated his passion for wine from the very beginning of his career, and in 1982, was a part of the rebirth of Italian high-quality, trusted wines. For decades, Bruno met with the most famous wine producers throughout Italy, writing about the winemakers and tasting a different wine every day to feature in his weekly articles. After telling the stories of other winemakers for so long, Bruno decided he wanted to become a winemaker himself.

In 2010, the Vespa family, Bruno along with his wife Augusta and their sons Alessandro and Federico, purchased a small boutique winery of just 34 hectares of vineyards around the Manduria area. He selected only the best vineyards he could find and released his first wines in 2014.

Bruno brought on Riccardo Cotarella, one of Italy’s most celebrated winemakers, to vinify his wines. Riccardo became one of the most influential Italian winemakers of all time during the 1990s when he had a hand in creating some of the country’s most highly rated and collectible wines and is frequently referred to as the “wizard” as he was one of the architects of the Italian wine renaissance that took shape at the end of the last century and the early 2000s.

Over the years, the winery has expanded its facilities and modernized its production techniques while maintaining a commitment to traditional wine practices. Today, Vespa is one of the largest producers of wine in Puglia and it is their passionate mission to raise the quality and critical opinion of Primitivo, and all the wines of Puglia, to be equal to the more famous northern cousins- Barolo, Brunello, and Chianti. Their mission is to produce the best wines south of Rome.


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