Who we are

Established in 2003, Single Vineyard Sellers specialises in wines with a sense of place and a story. We work with independent wineries from Australia and around the world. Our portfolio displays the exciting diversity, regionality and quality that vignerons are capable of expressing whether they are based in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal or Germany. Outward looking Aussies, we export wines to 20 countries, and we also import bringing back unique drops from the “old world”.

We love a wine tasting, a festival, a food and wine dinner, a winemakers visit, we love the opening of a great bottle of wine! We are always talking about great wine somewhere: find out what’s on and if you want to join the party, get in touch.


What we do

With a home base in Australia, we sell wines Australia-wide. We also proudly represent our Australian wineries and own-brand wines in export markets around the world.

SVS is a supplier to major supermarket and retail groups in Australia, supported by great relationships with the best in the Australian restaurant and retail trade. You can find our wines at your favourite bottle shops, and on wine lists in cafes and restaurants everywhere.

Why we do it

It’s pretty simple – as wine lovers we want you to drink great wine that is perfectly suited to your occasion, whether that’s relaxing at home, your most special event, and anything in between.

As wine sellers we want your own wine sales to thrive, with support from our deal structures, promotions, point of sale support, own-brand products, creative partnerships and more.


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