Julia and Johannes Landgraf’s wines reflect their family members, as they nurture them and guide them to ensure the grow up full of body and character. The two believe that making the right decisions for their wines requires not only knowledge and experience, but also a good deal of gut feeling, and the result is tranquil wines with mineral notes that you can trust blind.

Becker Landgraf’s estate history dates back to the 17th century, and in 1962 in Georg-Heinz Becker built a winery named Felsenkeller. In 2005 the winery was renamed to its current name, Becker Landgraf, and since 2006 has been run by Julia and Johannes.

Julia is 4th generation of the Becker family and took over management of her parents’ winery in 2003. Johannes also worked in his family’s own Landgraf winery, which has been running since 1752. The Becker Landgraf winery is ran by both Julia and Johannes with double passion, bringing their own visions and mutual inspiration, which is how their logo J² came about.

Julia and Johannes believe that good winemaking begins in the soil. They nurture their soils with natural hummus and don’t allow any artificial irrigation. They work to the benefits of the vines and the wines, but also to promote the healthy life of the soil, and in doing so, creating a habitat for the insects, because they believe that anything and everything that is in balance can only be good.


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