The Buglioni winery is located in northern Italy’s Valpolicella (Valpolexèla in Venetian dialect), the hilly countryside of the Veneto region. Certified organic, Buglioni selects just 40% of their meticulously managed harvest to make their wine, with the primary aim to obtain the highest quality fruit and following personally each single process in the vine.

To the west, the area is separated from the Adige Valley by Mount Pastello. The light-textured gravelly alluvial soil, and the meticulous vine pruning and control techniques ensure the production of prime quality grapes. The grapes are strictly harvested by hand at the end of September. Part of them are carefully selected and left to dry until late January while the rest is brought immediately to the winery for vinification. The Amarone wines made from the dried grapes produce the most full-bodied and intense wines of the Buglioni range.

The company has planted 46 hectares of vineyards with the traditional indigenous grape varietals of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara, and the recent planting of Oseleta, Croatina and the white Garganega.

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