Nicolas Potel inherited his father’s, Gérard, passion and love of high-quality Burgundy wines and traveled the world to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the most prestigious winemakers and learn new approaches to work in vineyards. Nicolas later carried on the family philosophy into his own winery, La Maison Nicolas Potel. La Maison

In 1964 Françoise and Gérard Potel arrived in Burgundy in the village of Volnay. Gérard was a winemaker that produced high quality Burgundy wines, focusing their production on Pinot Noir wines and to vinify only Premier Crus. At this time, the family estate stretched from the villages Volnay, Pommard, to Santenay. This estate would quickly develop and become a renowned winery in Burgundy.

Gérard passed his love and passion of wine to his son, Nicolas Potel. Prior to taking over the family business, Nicolas travelled around the world, taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from the most prestigious winemakers and learned new approaches of vineyard work. Nicolas’ travels included working with wineries in Australia, California, and back to France, learning more and more at each winery. Once he returned to France, he worked as a vineyard manager and developed organic agriculture at his family estate until the death of his father in 1997.

After his father passed away, Nicolas carried on the family philosophy of producing high-quality wines respecting the unique terroir of Burgundy with his own wine trading company, La Maison Nicolas Potel. His new winery bought Pinot Noir grapes in beautiful plots and from very old vines. La Maison Nicolas Potel is a pioneer in innovation and modern techniques. In 2005, he sold the winery to the Cottin brothers and remained involved in the operation until 2009.

Today, Brigitte Putzu is at the helm of the winemaking of Nicolas Potel, focusing her attention to the selection, vinification and aging of their finest wines. Her time working side-by-side with Nicolas and her knowledge of Burgundy’s exceptional terroirs and diverse vineyards allows her to bring her assurance of quality to a large array of appellations and varietal wines. Maison Nicolas Potel has built its international reputation by making wines from the most beautiful vineyards of the Burgundy region. Their appellation Villages, Premier Crus, and Grand Crus are recommended all over the world due to their purity of style, their authentic appellations, and native lands.


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