The love for wine is a passion that exists in the family for six generations, which also fascinated Patrick U. Langguth, a lawyer, so much that he decided to change his career to go back to his roots.
Tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and passion are the secrets of success of the estate, which were first implemented to the Langguth family in 1895 with the first Ulrich Langguth.

Ulrich Langguth is a small boutique winery that considers themselves the hidden champion, they aren’t a huge brand but you can find their wines all over the world. The vineyards stretch across only 4.5 hectares of extremely steep land and is proud to not make standard wines, but to instead make steep slope wines.

They are very passionate about the steep slope cultivation which is a 2000+ year old tradition in the area. This is a tradition that is difficult work and not for the faint of heart. While a flat vineyard typically will require approximately 200 hours of work per year per hectare, these steep slopes require approximately 1300 hours of work per year per hectare, making  the passion for tradition extremely essential.

The Ulrich Langguth vineyards start at an incline of 12 degrees and go up to 54 degrees. This means that some of the wines that state 12 degrees on the bottle can also include grapes grown at higher inclines. The winery’s goal is to let the vineyard speak for itself and work off the special features of the individual locations and plots- The wine is made in the vineyards, the work in the cellar is the freestyle.


2017 Ulrich Langguth 'Old Vines' Riesling Dry

$780.00 for 12 bottles
for 12 bottles

2006 Ulrich Langguth Piesporter Günterslay Rielsing

$1,200.00 for 12 bottles
for 12 bottles

2019 Ulrich Langguth "3 Terraces" Riesling

$720.00 for 12 bottles
for 12 bottles

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