Credited with single-handedly reversing the waning reputation of the Veneto wine region, Roberto Anselmi is a charismatic believer in the quality potential of the Garganega grape variety, which is the white variety of Soave.

About 15 years ago Roberto left the Soave appellation to pursue a more focused and independent winemaking style to capture the viticultural potential at his sites. “This is how we produce a fruitier, more aromatic, more complex wine with more body and longer shelf life.” Today, Anselmi continues to focus on raising the quality bar and continuing to improve the perception of Italian wines worldwide.

The Anselmi property covers 70 hectares on the highest slopes of the hills between Monteforte and Soave. Roberto’s vines have an ideal south facing exposure on the higher slopes growing on tuffaceous soil in the Capitel Foscarino vineyard, and calcareous soil in the Capitel Croce vineyard.

His main objective in leaving the appellation was to introduce methods that benefited the quality of the wine, moving from a system that produced a very high quantity of grapes to one allowing a more intensive development of the fruit’s personality. For his Garganega clones that are less productive but a higher quality he chose guyot trained (or spurred) cordons for a higher density of master plants, low fruit production per plant and just a few bunches on each vine growing close to the old wood. The quality of the grapes is further enhanced by a close pruning “vendange verte” and by making the most meticulous selection of the grapes. His quality minded approach starts in the vineyard and extends to the cellar where he uses cold maceration and low temperature fermentation. He is probably the first in Italy to utilise French oak to ferment and mature white wines.


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