At 31 years old, Cesar Rivera is one of the youngest oenologists in the Castilla-La Mancha area with a talent for making wine that make palates fall in love. Cesar started out selling wine machinery, and along the way figured out that he was actually quite good at making wine. In 2013 he took on the challenge for making the first wines for Bodegas Reconquista.

Reconquista strives to innovate and create ground breaking mixtures to make them delicious on the palate. Their passion is within the research and development, dedicating a department entirely to the discovery of new aromas and textures that translate into pleasant experiences and sensations. The winery believes that innovation does not have to be at odds with tradition and bring the two together by using traditional barrels and practices with sophisticated machinery and modern processes.

At Reconquista, they long to define themselves as enhancers of experiences. They believe that the greatest attraction of their small winery is the selective and very careful process that characterizes their wines, which are always round on the palate. Their philosophy is that they do not only make wine, but they also intend to create states of well-being though their range, where all the values of the legacy that has inspired their first steps are materialized. They look for another way to catalyse moods, always ending in a smile.


2020 Reconquista Tempranillo

$210.00 for 6 bottles
for 6 bottles

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