Astrale, is a new Italian project born in 2011, and proposes a new wine concept, without boundaries, the result of a care of detail, but also of the land and its products that are an expression of Italy.

The Italian winemaker, Peppe Randazzo, and his wine-making team travelled across the different Italian wine regions to meet with local farmers and understand the different traditional winemaking approaches to applying them back on a bigger scale, to deliver consistently high-quality wines. A blend of different iconic Italian grapes sourced from some of the top wine regions of Italy across the best vintages, without forgetting the place from which it all began: the green hills of Tuscany.



The use of current winemaking processes allows the strength of the scents to be preserved while also bringing out the full potential of the various grape varietals. Their wines are opulent and refined, with a varied and multifaceted personality. Astrale represents the zodiac map of Italian wine culture, which fiercely maintains the past while still recognising the need to update wine standards.



2019 Astrale Chianti Riserva

$420.00 for 12 bottles
for 12 bottles

2022 Astrale Chianti DOCG

$180.00 for 12 bottles
for 12 bottles

NV Astrale Prosecco

$150.00 for 6 bottles
for 6 bottles

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