The Montaudon family’s connection to Champagne dates back to 1891 with founder Auguste-Louis, a Cellar Master in Epernay. It is a traditional champagne house managed by the founder’s family for 4 generations.

The secret and passion of the champagne making was passed down through generations from the 1981 and now Montaudon is a force to be reckoned with in the champagne industry. Auguste Eugene used this winemaking history and business knowledge to create the brand that it is today. He created a partnership with the region to ensure that every bottle that leaves the warehouse is created with the highest grade of grape. He had a natural entrepreneur skill with a hint of charisma which was the reason why others nominated him to be the president of champagne merchants for six whole years.

Another heir that built the brand was Luc who created a firm foundation of the brand in the French market. Being the resistant and restless person he is, he wanted to give the brand international recognition. With the travels and investments, Luc was able to create a larger name for the brand. The Champagne lovers all over the world knew which bottle of champagne to grab. In 2010, the company joined the Alliance Champagne group where they focused on committing to preserve the antient tradition of wine making. The values of this group is – sharing, conviviality and excellence.

Single Vineyard Sellers brings you the best that this prestigious company has to offer for our local folks – Champagne Montaudon Brut. The blend is dominantly Pinot Noir which have the “perfect balance of bright and youthful fruits with a nice touch of aged French pastry complexity” – Angus Hughson. This wine is known for its richness in taste and gives of an elegant yet energetic vibe for the drinkers.


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