Fred Jerbis Vermut

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ABV: 18% Vol

Production: 2 extractive methods: cold maceration of dried herbs, hot maceration (digestion).

 Ingredients: 25 botanicals, as prescribed in an ancient Italian recipe: three different varieties of wormwood and two of orange, while all the others are highly secret.

 Color: a rich ruby-red tone with caramel shades that comes from the natural color of herbs and burnt sugar.

Smell: the smell reminds Marsala, owing to the one-year barrel-aged wine; intense herbal tones, with a scent of citrus and fruit.

Taste: a delicate but persistent, citrous but mostly embittering herbal tone; the savor of alcohol is very gentle, complying with the traditional recipe, in which sugar is perfectly balanced. Thanks to a special processing of the herbs, the body has fruity notes that range from red fruits to black cherry; the bitter tones come from the maceration of herbs like gentian root and cinchona bark. Rounded and smooth in the end, thanks to the seeds and roots of angelica. Possible precipitates on the bottom of the bottle are due to the genuine quality of the natural ingredients used in the production of our Vermouth.

 Aftertaste/Aftersmell: a persistent bitter tone owing to the intensity of wormwood and masterwort, but mainly to the juniper.

Combinations: Our Vermouth delightfully matches the majority of classic liquors like aperitif bitters and suits the prohibition-style cocktails, always maintaining, at the same time, its strong personality, thanks to its bittering and sweet component.

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$900.00 for 6 bottles

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