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14 Oct

Castello di Meleto – The Authentic Chianti Classico

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On the hilltops of the Chianti Classico, between Siena and Florence, Castello di Meleto produce Sangiovese rich in Italian culture and history.

Sangiovese, or ‘Blood of Jove’, is Italy’s numero uno grape variety. Jove (Jupiter) is the Roman king of gods.

Sangiovese is the hero of the Tuscany region.

Castello di Meleto’s 400 acres dedicated to vineyards occupy five plots. These are, Meleto, San Pierro, Casi, Poggiarso and Moci. See the map for origin of grape variety.

Each wine has unique traits and personalities that are excellent interpretations of the terroir, and the variety in the Chianti Classico.


2019 Castello di Meleto Chianti Classico

The ‘go-to’ Chianti Classico Wine. Gives a sense of what Sangiovese can be Enjoyable any day or occasion Straight to the point. Juicy and crunchy and good on its own.

Origin: Meleto – Apple Orchard

The Castello di Meleto Chianti Classico is also referred to as ‘The Soul of The Apple Orchard’. Located adjacent to the castle, Apple Orchard is the warmest and most sheltered area from the wind. The soil composition is mainly clayey, rich in skeleton.


Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG

Traditional, elegant, long lived and long ageing wine. The big brother of Classico has a darker side and more volume. Better appreciated paired with food.

Origin: Selection of the best grapes from all 5 plots. This wine, known as ‘The Real Soul of Meleto’ is made from a selection of the best-handpicked grapes from all five sub-zones.


2016 Castello di Meleto Chianti Classico Grand Selezione

This wine is the greatest expression of Castello di Meleto single-varietal Sangiovese. This is a limited production wine coming from individual parcels located within Casi and San Piero Vineyards.

This wine has great capacity for ageing: only time will reveal it’s unique characteristics.

 The History of The Heart of Chianti Classico

Among the many stories witnessed by the walls of Meleto, the most curious and significant is undoubtedly the establishment ofthe Tuscan Viticultural Company , born late 1960s with the aim of enhancing the wine-growing vocation of the territory.

This led to ‘Operation Vineyards’ , which was essentially crowdfunding, and was picked up by international press.The aim was to raise money through subscription of shares. Due to mass interest, Viticola Toscana was established, who acquired Castello di Meleto, and is still the seat of the company, with the 1600 founding shareholders.

Viticola Toscana dedicated itself to the rehabilitation of the property, which was in conditions of neglect and underdevelopment.With the agronomic rebirth, the historical and architectural recovery of the area also began. Today, Castello di Meleto are beginning to focus their energy on branding.

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