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21 Oct

#ChampagneDay 2020!

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The idea behind #Champagne Day is a simple one: to celebrate Champagne and share in the unique taste, like a virtual toast across the worldwide community of Champagne lovers. Champagne Day is also a celebration of the wine itself, as a symbol of festivities and conviviality.

Lovers of wine come together on this day to share in exchanges on social networks. They get to participate in e-aperitifs and virtual tastings united by the hashtag #ChampagneDay.

The day is an opportunity too for cafés, bars, restaurants and retailers to organize events around Champagne, while following local COVID and safety guidelines.

Look for #ChampagneDay 2020 on social networks on 23 October.

Think Champagne, drink Champagne on #Champagneday

To celebrate this year, purchase some award winning Jacquart Mosaique Brut from your local Vintage Cellars or from our shop page and join Joëlle Weiss (Oenologue & Brand Ambassador) as she takes us through a virtual tasting in the link below!!

Jacquart Mosaique Brut Tasting: Mosaïque Brut EN

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