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12 Dec

If You Go To Calatayud, Ask For Dolores

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Bodegas La Dolores began in the beginning of 2022 when Pepe Marco took over the rights to The La Dolores Liquor Factory, which closed in 1970. The factory was founded in 1819, and held a long tradition which was highly reputable in Calatayud.

Who Is Dolores?

The story of La Dolores is famous not only in Spain, but across the world, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries. The Catalan writer José Felíu y Codina began writing a romance in 1876 that would be the origin of a drama he later titled “La Dolores.” It took him 16 years to finish and be performed in the theatre. Since then, the story has been adapted for the opera, musicals and movies and has become a beloved story throughout Spain and other parts of Europe.

Throughout time the story has been altered, but the original story is based on Dolores Peinador, who was a woman from Calatayud, Spain born in 1819 who fell in love with a man her father disapproved of, so he disinherited her. The two had four children and with time and the difficulties of marriage and money problems, Dolores’ husband, Esteban, gave up on his duties as a husband and became distant in their marriage. Dolores began to feel uneasy due to the abandonment of her husband, changing her behaviour amongst her acquaintances. While it’s been proven that Dolores was never unfaithful, that didn’t stop the people in town from spreading gossip about her. In 1850, there was a “copla,” or song, made in town which alluded to Dolores and questioned her honour and faithfulness to her husband, which made the family decided to leave Calatayud and settle in Madrid to escape the gossip. Several years later Dolores was widowed and went to work in a tavern until she died in 1894, at 75 years old.

La Dolores

La Dolores has become a heroine throughout Spain and represents the city of Calatayud, wine, and vermouth. Pepe Marco founded La Dolores with the idea to build the brand around the story of La Dolores. The La Dolores Liquor factory was previously known for their wide range of drinks which included Absinthe, Liqueurs, and Torino-style vermouths. Pepe was able to recover the original vermouth recipe and use it to create their own vermouth, which now accounts for 60% of their volume.

For Pepe, the objective is to build a brand of recognition based on quality and a good presentation, while preserving the feeling of tradition and history. They’ve revived the brand and will use it to create a variety of wines and spirits and to celebrate the 200-year-old history of La Dolores and the city of Calatayud.

The Vermouth

Colour: Deep red

Nose: Intensity of citrus aromas, nuts, oriental spices, and herbs. Balsamic, aniseed notes, and aromas of spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and cloves, with a background of caramel and raisined fruits.

  Palate:  On the palate its warm, enveloping, with volume, giving way to a refreshing palate and soft bitterness that merges with a sweet and friendly sensation.

  Pairings: Tapas, including tasted nuts, olives, patatas bravas, and flat bread.


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