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30 Sep

Mezzacorona – From the top of the Mountains to your Glass

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At 3,343m the Dolomitic Alps are a mountain range located in northeastern Italy, near the Mezzacorona region. In winter, temperatures fall below freezing, and snowfall is ample. Spring returns with warmer weather and longer days, but also with rain.

The ice gradually melts and results in beautiful green valleys and pastures overflowing with wildflowers! The water reaches Piana Rotaliana, in the Mezzacorona region, bringing with it essential minerals that will sit in the soil, and serve as nutrients to the cultivation of grapes.

In there, 1600 families live, cultivating the vineyards. Every August, harvest season begins and each family will bring together their produce to make Mezzacorona’s wines. But cultivating in the region also means needing to meet quality standards, and for that reason every family works together to reach the quality desired. In fact, for 117 years it has been this way.

The result is 100% single varietal wines characterized by all the vivid elegance, freshness, purity and crispiness typical of the Italian Dolomites.

Mezzacorona Maso di Mezzo

This village, once called “Mezzo” is now Mezzocorona: a village that has always been protected by a mountain of dolomite rock which rises majestically above the village.

A “Maso” was the traditional house in the village of Mezzo: a rural dwelling built in the Middle Ages, with its own cellar and storage room, with adjoining gardens, vineyards, and woods.

Making wine in a Maso di Mezzo was a natural and daily activity, but one of great importance,  of religious value and also of social liberation.


2019 Maso di Mezzo Teroldego Rotaliano


About Teroldego

Since the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the “gold of Tyrol” has always been appreciated. This is true for its powerful, dense, and intense colour alongside its distinct and unmistakable fruitiness. In the last decades, this variety has been made with long aging in wood, exalting its body and structure.

Tasting Notes

Color: It has a ruby red colour with violet reflections.

 Nose: An intense bouquet with notes of wild berries, particularly blueberry, red – berry, raspberry.

 Palate: It has velvety tannins and is structured.

Pairings: An excellent accompaniment to traditional dishes. It pairs well with rich dishes, roasted and grilled meats or mature cheeses.


Mezzacorona – 2020 Maso di Mezzo Chardonnay

About Chardonnay
Cultivated and vinified in the widest range of wine-growing areas, over the centuries Chardonnay has found the Dolomites a small corner where it has been able to integrate well with the local viticulture.
The wide temperature range in this valley helps accentuate its cooler and more aromatic side and how the hills in Trentino are exposed to light leads to perfect maturation of the grape.

Tasting Notes

Nose:It has an enhanced fruity flavour with notes of red and yellow apples, apricot, white melon, and citrus fruits

 Palate: It is dry, harmonious and with balanced acidity.

Pairings: Excellent as an aperitif, it also pairs with appetizers, soups, vegetables, and fish.

Mezzacorona – 2020 Maso di Mezzo Pinot Grigio

About Pinot Grigio

After over a century of adapting to the vineyards of Trentino and its Dolomite landscape, this grape variety has become
Trentino’s Prince of White Grapes. This title is just right as the wine reveals its nobility, with delicacy and elegance
in the glass whilst boasting immediacy and expressiveness at the same time.

Tasting Notes

 Color: This wine is characterised by a graceful straw-yellow colour.

 Nose: The bouquet is pleasantly delicate and rich in fruity notes accompanied by floral hints of chamomile.

 Palate: In the mouth, it is dry with an elegant refreshing acidity.

 Pairings: Excellent with appetizers, vegetables, white meats, poultry, and fish.


Mezzacorona – Maso di Mezzo Pinot Grigio Rose

About Rose

It is exactly this colour which perfectly expresses the very nature of Pinot Grigio. The colour of its berries, with copper hues, reveals the ductility of this grape variety which creates wines boasting many shades of colour. It is said that the first vintners to use this grape, would vinify it as a Rosé wine.

Tasting Notes

 Color: This wine is characterised by a delicate pale pink colour.

 Nose: The nose reveals a very fresh and delicate aromatic profile, exemplified by aromas of red fruits and citrus fruits like pink grapefruit mixed with delicate floral notes.

 Palate: The palate is typified by a pleasant salinity and freshness which enhances a lively and refreshing acidity.

 Pairings: Ideal with appetizers, white meats, and fish. Also excellent as an aperitif.


Mezzacorona – 2020 Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio

Mezzacorona’s Pinot Grigio is different than the ones you may find in your local market. Although the white wine grape variety gained popularity, many available in the market don’t represent its true quality like Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio does.

This wine is cultivated in immaculate vineyards along the Adige valley surrounded by the magnificent Italian Alps.


Cultivated using the traditional pergola style, the grapes are entirely hand harvested at optimum ripeness to produce a perfectly balanced crisp and fresh Pinot Grigio.


A delightful Pinot Grigio to be enjoyed for its aromatic crisp green apple, mineral and honeysuckle notes.


With its elegant fresh savor, our Pinot Grigio is the perfect complement to appetizers, soups, pasta, white meats and fish.


Mezzacorona – 2019 Tolloy Pinot Grigio


Tolloy is a prestige line of wines from Alto Adige produced through a collaboration between Mezzacorona and the Salorno wine-cellar.


This Alto Adige (Sudtirol) Pinot Grigio is a straw yellow colour. Nose is delicate, engaging and fruity-floral. The palate is dry, elegant, balanced, full and soft. Very pleasant length and complexity.


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