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12 Oct

Transporting You to the South of France With Just One Glass

By: Justine Teal Categories: Wines

The winemakers from Cellier des Dauphins bring you a rosé of outstanding natural freshness packed with deliciously crisp, tangy fruit. The elegance and aromatic power of Val Soléu, transports us straight to the sun-filled valleys of the South of France.

Cellier des Dauphins, which literally means ‘wine cellar to the heirs of the throne of France,’ began in 1967 when a group of men and women of Rhône Valley came together with the desire among vignerons to work together to demonstrate both the fruit of their land and their skills in crafting wines. More than 50 years later, Cellier des Dauphins is comprised of 2,300 winegrower families who collectively own 12,500 hectares of vineyards across 10 villages in the southern Rhône, making it Rhône Valley’s largest grower-owned winery.

In the last 15 years, Cellier des Dauphins has focused on increasing sustainability by working closely alongside the growers to convert to organic viticulture. Today, 1,350 hectares of their vineyards are certified organic, including the vineyards of Val Soléu in Drôme.

The Val Soléu rosé combines the assets of the Drôme terroir, with its medium altitude, sundrenching vineyards swept by the Mistral and Lou Pontias winds, with the 50-plus year winemaking knowledge of Cellier des Dauphins. Val Soléu pride themselves as being amongst the most aromatic of rosés thanks to the lavender and olive trees in the surrounding area.

The Wine

‘Val Soléu’ IGP Drôme Organic Rosé

92 pts – Gary Walsh (The Wine Front): Soft, composed and good to drink. No harsh edges, rosehip, tangerine and fresh raspberry, gently creamy, fine powdery texture, pulls quite bright and clean on the finish with a little orange and perky red fruits, a slight basil flavour in the aftertaste. Very nice. All just so.


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