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17 Oct

Vignoble des 2 Lunes: Two Sisters, One Passion

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We’re very excited to introduce our new portfolio addition: Vignoble des 2 Lunes from Alsace, France!

The History

Vignoble des 2 Lunes has been owned and operated by the Buecher family for at least 7 generations, with each generation bringing something to the estate to make it as original and unique as it is today. The winery has always had male family members in the head winemaking role – until now.

In 2009, sisters Amélie and Cécile Buecher began running the estate and are the first generation of head winemaker women to run the family winery. They have brought their own unique vision to the company, often walking a fine line between a drive for modernization and respect for ancient times and practices. The sisters want to show respect to the land on which they farm on and protect their vines.

Inspired by their father who stopped the use of all synthetic products used in the vineyards in 1997 because of the girls’ grandfather’s health, as he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It wasn’t until later that the doctors proved that the use of chemicals in the agricultural environment could cause this disease.

Additionally, Amélie and Cécile’s uncle was a homeopath, so they wanted to try to apply homeopathic methods to the vine. The sisters studied the wine trade and travelled all around North America, and when they came back to work in the family business, they obtained the Demeter biodynamic certification in 2007 in order to credit the biodynamic work undertaken by their parents. Today, the winery makes their own compost, plough the land with horses, and vinify according to the lunar cycle.

Vignoble des 2 Lunes strives to live in harmony with mother nature. The diversity of their vineyard’s terroirs allow them to make unique wines full of character, and they work hard to emphasize the flavours. Each harvest signifies a new birth for the winery, paying special attention to the vines and picking all the grapes by hand. Their passion shows throughout the aging process to finally attain a unique blend which defines Vignoble des 2 Lunes.

The Wines

2020 Vignoble des 2 Lunes Pinot Blanc ‘Apogee’

Colour: Pale yellow.

Nose: Toasty aromas.

Palate: Well rounded and harmonious on the palate.

Pairings: Great with starters including salads, buffets, fish and shellfish, as well as white meat.

2018 Vignoble des 2 Lunes Riesling ‘Genése’

Colour: Yellow in colour.

Nose: Mineral aromas.

Palate: Fine and balanced on the palate.

Pairings: Fish, shellfish, and white meat.

2018 Vignoble des 2 Lunes Pinot Gris ‘Sélénite

Colour: Pale yellow.

Nose: Toasted bread.

Palate: Well rounded and harmonious on the palate.

Pairings: Salads, fish, chicken.

2016 Vignobles des 2 Lunes Gewurztraminer ‘Amélie

Colour: Yellow gold.

Nose: Exotic fruits, passionfruit, lychee, and a very aromatic nose.

Palate: Powerful and rich with rose aromas.

Pairings: Cheeses, salads, and white meats.


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