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08 Nov

Ulrich Langguth: Steep Slope Wines And Old Vines

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The Langguth family has had roots in the wine trade and viticulture for over 200 years, with the winery being founded in 1895 by the first Ulrich Langguth. The love for wine has also gripped the current 6th generation with Patrick Langguth who runs the winery today. Patrick first studied and trained as a lawyer then moved into corporate finance. After years in the finance industry, Patrick decided to return to the family business to what he was passionate about.

The Vineyards

Ulrich Langguth is a small boutique winery that considers themselves the hidden champion, they aren’t a huge brand but you can find their wines all over the world. The vineyards stretch across only 4.5 hectares of extremely steep land and is proud to not make standard wines, but to instead make steep slope wines. They are very passionate about the steep slope cultivation which is a 2000+ year old tradition in the area. This is a tradition that is difficult work and not for the faint of heart. While a flat vineyard typically will require approximately 200 hours of work per year per hectare, these steep slopes require approximately 1300 hours of work per year per hectare, making the passion for tradition extremely essential.

The Ulrich Langguth vineyards start at an incline of 12 degrees and go up to 54 degrees. This means that the wines that state 12 degrees on the bottle can also include grapes grown at higher inclines, however due to regulations they are only allowed to claim the lowest incline in which the grapes were grown and not the average incline. The winery’s goal is to let the vineyard speak for itself and work off the special features of the individual locations and plots. The wine is made in the vineyards, the work in the cellar is the freestyle.

Ulrich Langguth embodies what Mosel wines stand for-their noble sweet wines and their aging potential. Patrick releases the wines when they are ready to drink, however, the wines can also be aged up to 30-40 years longer once on the shelf if desired.

Patrick has also recently transitioned to a rebranding of the winery. While the traditional marketing was all about the family crest and the family chateau, the new label is dedicated to the slopes and their extreme inclines, with colours that are both inviting and pay a homage to the soils in which the vineyards contain, such as the 12° range with the blue label for the blue slate in the vineyard. While the family crest has been removed from the label, Patrick wants it to be understood that Ulrich Langguth love and live their family and tradition.

The Wines

2020 Ulrich Langguth ’12 Degrees’ Gourmet Trocken Riesling

This wine is 100% Riesling fermented into a dry taste. The grapes were grown on steep terraces, exposed to the south on very salty soil. This terroir yields the excellent flavour in this wine.

2020 Ulrich Langguth ’12 Degrees’ Gourmet Feinherb Off-Dry Riesling

91 pts – Wine Enthusiast: Initially reductive notes of smoke and earth dissipate with aeration to reveal a pulsating core of crisp white peach and lime flavors here. With just a whisper of sweetness on the palate, it’s a zingy, electric sip that finishes with staccato hits of acid and minerality. Delicious young but likely to meld a bit further from 2023.

2019 Ulrich Langguth ‘3 Terraces’ Riesling

91 pts – Wine Enthusiast: Dry and intently steely, this is a svelte, medium-bodied Riesling studded with piercing lime and lemon flavors. Despite a ripe, ample vintage, it’s a thrilling, racy white that finishes with a delightfully salty tang of chalk and slate.

2017 Ulrich Langguth ‘Old Vines’ Riesling Dry

A classic dry Riesling with high mineral density, a wonderful bouquet and fine fruit. Enjoy this wine with a good meal, it goes well with fish and meat.

2006 Ulrich Langguth Piesporter Günterslay Riesling

17/20 – Jancis Robinson: Deep gold. Honey and lemon marmalade on toast. Wonderful stuff! So much texture I can almost feel that marmalade on my tongue. Chewy candied citrus peel layered over sweet-pickled root ginger and a touch of turmeric tea. Full of reverberating life and yet gentle at the core.


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