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14 Aug

Venica & Venica: 90 Years of Passion Making Premium Wines

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Generations of winemaking, a symbiosis between tradition and a look into the future

When thinking of Premium Italian Wine, Venica & Venica stands out. The award-winning winery located in the wine region of Collio in Friuli Venezia Giulia started producing wines 4 generations ago and continued working towards perfecting the craft until today.
Daniele Venica started the winery in 1930.

His son Adelchi continued his work and in turn, had two sons Gianni and Giorgio that have propelled this legacy forward. Hence the name: Venica & Venica.

From 1930 to today, Venica & Venica has a story of more than 90 years of passion, sacrifice, success, and dedication to making premium wines.

The Wines

Venica&Venica vineyards are located in the northernmost village of Collio, a region famous for white wines. They also produce esoteric Friulano blanc.

Many of their white wines are made with skin contact. Venica has been making wines in this style (according to the season, not to a fashion) for 90 years. Some years the wines are quite dark, others much brighter. It is the way of nature, and as demands of a balanced wine dictate.

Venica & Venica is also one of the most consistently highly rated wineries in Italy. In several years being awarded the highest ratings for Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Jesera” Pinot Grigio 


 Color: Brilliant coppery, which is the natural color obtained from this grape with a short maceration on the skins. The hue varies according to the vintage; this year is particularly intense.

 Nose: Intriguing bouquet that ranges from mimosa to jasmine, acacia, ginger, pink pepper, pear and rennet apple, all wrapped in a frame of citrus and mineral nuances.

 Palate: Lively and savory mouth, consistently reminding the nose aromas, for a refreshing, juicy, intense and tasty sip, creamy but rightly acidic. Long and vibrant finish. The structure is good, with a very slight tannin deriving from the peel. Overall, this wine maximizes the typical bouquet and juiciness of the grape.

 Pairings: Appetizers and canapés, especially ham, light soups, grilled fish and white meats. Excellent with risotto, for example with spring vegetables. Try it with a nice sea bass with strawberries and mint.


“Ronco delle Mele” Sauvignon


 Color: Shining in gold green shades.

 Nose: This wine’s complexity is incredible, as well as the magical sensations that derive from it. The olfactory characteristics are those typical of Sauvignon in cold climates: intense and elegant aromas of elderberry, gooseberry, tomato leaf, green pepper, boxwood and cedar. These notes also present citrus nuances of lime and grapefruit, mineral flint tones and light smoky notes.

 Palate: In the palate the wine follows and amplifies the scents perceived by the nose, in particular the uniqueness of tomato leaf, the freshness of citrus fruits and the acidity and minerality typical of Collio. This offers a pleasant sip with persistent intensity, full-bodied and creamy but also sharp and well-balanced.

 Pairings: Eggs with truffles, crepes with porcini mushrooms, lobster ravioli, grilled prawns, risotto with asparagus and seafood: the list of dishes that would be perfect with this wine could be infinite.

“Ronco delle Cime” Friulano

 Color: Intense sunny yellow with golden nuances.

 Nose: The bouquet is wide and varied: from the fruity notes of pear, apple, white peach and banana, to herbs and wildflowers, wisteria, rose, to hydrocarbons and to the uniqueness of toasted almond.

 Palate: When tasted, this wine has the right flavor, a vibrant freshness, great texture and perfect balance. Highly structured, full-bodied, warming and harmonious. Splendid drinkability, the sip is smooth and graceful, with a long almondy persistence unique of this grape variety.

 Pairings: It is wonderful with a risotto with fresh porcini mushrooms.


“Primarûl” Friulano

 Color: Straw yellow or light golden, quite bright, with greenish shades.

 Nose: On the nose we perceive the prevalence of fruity notes of pear and apple, in harmony with the vegetable ones of hay, wildflowers and chamomile and to finish the typical hint of toasted almond, unique in this grape variety.

 Palate: In the mouth it is a little bit acidic, round, full-bodied, and what promised on the nose is confirmed by the taste, which identifies its main feature in the final touch of bitter almond.

 Pairings: Since always is considered the ideal aperitif in Friuli, especially with raw ham, but it’s a wine for any time of the day, from appetizers and canapés before lunch, to dinner.


Characteristics of Venica’s Vineyards in the Collio

Venica’s vineyards occupy an area of 40 hectares and are located on different hills in the Collio region. In fact, the word “Colle” in Italian means Hills, and each one of them faces a different direction and has its own particular microclimate. This gives their wines an incredible complexity.The family has a mythical connection to the land that resembles the Aboriginal Australian custodianship. This is present in the synergistic relationship between  Collio and the constant love of the land, the vineyards, and their grapes.


To learn more about Venica&Venica, their products, and history, make sure to visit their website through this link.


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