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14 Jun

Distilled With Passion

By: Justine Teal Categories: Spirits

It’s safe to say the Poli family has passion for experimentation in their blood that is passed on from one generation to the next. When Poli Grappa was founded in 1898 by GioBatta Poli, he started by travelling from village to village with a mobile still mounted on a handcart in order to freshly process grapes for small winegrowers. Decades later, GioBatta’s son, Giovanni, installed a distillation unit from the converted steam engine of a locomotive. Giovanni’s son Toni constructed an arrangement of 12 copper boilers in 1956, which is what the distillery still uses today.

Today, the fourth generation of Poli distillers run the family busines with the own innovative ideas and passion. Toni’s son Jacopo is head of the distillery with the help of his three siblings, Andrea, Barbara, and Giampaolo. The Poli family knows a company is made up of buildings, machinery and equipment, but above all people, without which their company would have no soul. That’s why they believe that the history of their distillery is inextricably bound with the history of the people who created it: their dreams, their thoughts, and their actions.

The Poli siblings realized when they joined the family business in the 1980s that consumers’ tastes were changing: in the past, their customers drank Grappa to warm up, whereas the new consumers drink it to taste pleasant sensations and to enhance the quality of life, with a subtle pleasure. Therefore, the Poli siblings sought to create a different Grappa, which was less aggressive, more refined, and more harmonious. At first, Toni was skeptical of his children’s project, but when he tasted the new product, distilled by his sons after various experiments and trials, he had to admit its superiority and then soon left the entire business in the hands of his four children.

Today, the Poli Distillery aims at only producing a quality product, producing a quantity five times less than their predecessors. This is due to the precise choice of only distilling 15 tons of absolutely fresh and quality grape-marc a day, meaning distilling only what can be distilled by their historic still. The aim of the Poli siblings is to succeed in changing the image of Grappa around the world, making it a product so refined that it can become a symbol of Italy, like Cognac for France and whisky for Scotland.

The foundation of Poli is based on 5 principles – first is to choose only fresh and wholesome raw materials, second is to immediately distill the raw materials, third is to masterfully use the Poli historic still, fourth is to work with consistency and passion, and finally to respect the distillate and the consumer. The fine spirits of the Poli distillery are some of the best to come out of Italy and the team does this by working toward their ultimate goal of putting Grappa on the map while conveying the effort, endurance, and above all the love associated with making a bottle of Grappa.

The Grappas

Please contact us at marketing@singlevineyards.com to place Poli Grappa orders.

Poli Grappa Vermouth Gran Bassano Ross

Red Vermouth based on Merlot, red wine from a French grape variety cultivated since the end of the 19th century in the DOC area of which the city of Bassano is part. Ancient roots and modern style, like the city of Bassano. Its aroma recalls a grapes bunch wrapped by aromatic spices and herbs.


Poli Grappa Eliser China Liqueur

Bitter liqueur with natural infusion of China Calissaya bark, a plant hailing from Peru. Healthy as the air you breathe while climbing the sacred mountain of Machu Picchu. Its aroma recalls a spice bazaar with plenty of colours and scents.

Poli Grappa Super Taurus Bitter

Bitter liqueur with natural infusion of citrus peels, bittering herbs and spices. Timeless, like a Negroni cocktail sipped in well-deserved relaxation. Its intense aroma recalls a red orange peel surrounded by gentian roots and liquorice root sticks.

Poli Grappa Vaca Mora – Amaro Veneto

Bitter liqueur with natural infusion of plants, herbs, and flowers with digestive properties. Balmy like the thousand-scents teas of a herbal shop. Its aroma recalls a wooden box full of officinal herbs and mint leaves.

Poli Grappa Taiadea (China Calissaya)

Liqueur with natural infusion of China Calissaya’s bark and spices in alcohol and Grappa. Revitalizing like a herbal tea sipped on the sofa at home. Its sweet and bitter aroma recalls a plate of dry fruit, candied fruit, and prunes.

Poli Grappa Mirtillo (Blueberry)

Grappa-based sweet liqueur with natural infusion of blueberries. Lively as the blueberry jam spread on tasted bread for breakfast. Its intense aroma recalls a basket with fresh blueberries and juicy wild berries.

Poli Grappa Miele (Honey)

Grappa-based sweet liqueur with natural infusion of acacia honey and essential juniper oil, pine, mint, and vervain. Joyful as a rainbow after the storm. Its sweet flavour recalls a basket with officinal herbs and citrus fruit.

Poli Grappa Liquiriza (Liquorice)

Grappa with natural infusion of liquorice roots from the Calabria region. Tonic as an oasis in the desert. Its sweet and pleasantly bitter aroma recalls the liquorice roots chewed during childhood.

Poli Grappa (Classica) Bassano

Young Grappa, flowing-steam distilled. Loving and faithful as a pet dog. Its aroma recalls a basket with hydrangeas and green apples.

Poli Grappa Bassano Maria

Organic Grappa, traditional bain-marie distilled. Genuine as the sun-kissed grapes. Its aroma recalls a basket with fresh red berries and ripe red grapes.

Poli Grappa Aromatica (Gewürztraminer)

Aromatic Grappa, traditional bain-marie distilled. Like rain refreshing the pine forest in summer. Its aroma recalls a basket with grapefruits and limes with a pine sprig.

Poli Grappa Elegante (Pinot Noir)

Young Grappa, flowing-steam distilled. The enchanting beauty of a hillside vineyard in autumn. Its aroma recalls roses, lilies, and gardenias bouquet.

Poli Grappa Secca/Dry (Merlot)

Young Grappa, flowing-steam distilled. Invigorating as a hike on the mountains in winter. Its aroma recalls a basket with red grapes, some strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and currants.

Poli Grappa Amorosa di Dicembre (Torcolato)

Young Grappa, flowing-steam distilled. Enchanting like the long-necked woman painted by Modigliani. Its aroma recalls a tray with raisins, prunes, apricots, and dry figs.

Poli Grappa Due Barilli

Aged Grappa, 2 years in French oak and 2 years in Sherry PX barrels, flowing-steam distilled. The ardour and elegance of a toreador. Its aroma recalls milk chocolate with raisins and toasted hazelnuts.

Poli Grappa Cleopatra Moscato Oro

Aged Grappa, 1 year in oak barrels, vacuum bain-marie distilled. Delicate and caressing like a silk scarf. Its aroma recalls a basket with pineapples, some mandarins, and a mango

Poli Grappa Barrique Solera – Solera di Famiglia

Grappa Riserva, aged through Solera method, flowing-steam distilled. Powerful and proud like a lion. Its aroma recalls a little wooden box full of chocolate, vanilla, liquorice and freshly toasted coffee beans.

Poli Grappa Arzente Brandy

Wine Brandy, aged 10 years in oak barrels, traditional bain-marie distilled. The absolute harmony of a Vivaldi cello concert. Its aroma recalls a patisserie full of cream pastries, eggnog, and tiramisu cake.

Poli Grappa Marconi 42 Gin

Italian Gin vacuum bain-marie distilled. Evergreen, like the sunny coast caressed by the sea breeze. Its aroma recalls a bouquet of odorous plants rubbed into the hands



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