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15 Jun

Federico’s Herbs

By: Justine Teal Categories: Spirits

Federico ‘Fred’ Cremasco had a passion about an ancient herbarium from 1946 as well as experimenting with extraction techniques to create essential oils and timeless fragrances. Fred opened his first laboratory in 2014 in an old unused pharmacy in the village of Polcenigo. Once he opened his laboratory, the harvested plants became infusions and trying something new he moved into the world of distillates and thus his study and research in the world of spirits began with Fred Jerbis, coming from the Friulian translation of ‘Federico’s herbs.’ The name was given Friulian origin to give the right emphasis and importance to the territory, which is crucial to the creation of their products. Fred Jerbis is an alchemist continually in a dialog with nature, a researcher experimenting with new combinations of flavours, and an herbalist growing plants with care day by day.

Fred focused on one goal when he started Fred Jerbis: to create the Italian cocktail of excellence, the Negroni. He wanted to produce the best Negroni cocktail in the world, creating it with only top-quality Italian products and this dream of his led him to conceive the Gin 43, Bitter 34, and Vermut 25 by taking up and modernizing an ancient recipe found in his historic herbarium. The numbers next to the product names indicate the number of herbs and botanicals present within them.

The Fred Jerbis distillery was born on an island surrounded by the Gorgazzo stream in Polcenigo. Here, Fred chose to stay in contact with nature and the territory to create quality distillates and liqueurs. He uses the traditional distillation method with the Johann alembic in honor of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which creates the magic in every drop of Fred Jerbis. The Johann alembic was handcrafted in Germany and is made of 99.9% copper, it is one of a kind because it is customized according to Fred’s distillation needs.

The philosophy of Fred Jerbis is based on three points:
1. Simple in its complexity – the common characteristic of all their drinks is that they are balanced and easy to drink, while remaining rich in scents and hues. While their many ingredients implies a certain level of complexity, the end result is extremely simple and easy to drink.
2. Tradition in its innovation – to create these spirits, the Fred Jerbis team has drawn inspiration from a book of classic Italian liquorology from 1946 because they feel deeply bound to the tradition and culture of the past, while they are also convinced that without research and experimentation it is impossible to produce anything of quality.
3. Local in its globality – Fred Jerbis is profoundly bound to their territory because it is crucial to the creation of their products, but they seek to keep a wide and international approach, because as they are proud of their land, they want to spread its splendor and magic all around the world.

The Range

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Fred Jerbis Gin 43

Straw yellow given from the cold infusion of the orange blossom and saffron.  Notes emphasize of juniper, a scent of violet from iris, light lavender and citrus, herbaceous characterized by the combination between coriander and angelica, ending with a fresh mint scent. Gin 43 has a delicate herbaceous but persistent and citrusy flavour; sweetness with a note of bitterness.

Fred Jerbis Vermut 25

A rich ruby-red tone with caramel shades that comes from the natural colour of herbs and burnt sugar. The smell reminds Marsala, intense herbal tones, with a scent of citrus and fruit. A delicate but persistent, citrous but mostly embittering herbal tone. The body has fruity notes that range from red fruits to black cherry. Rounded and smooth in the end, thanks to the seeds and roots of angelica.

Fred Jerbis Bitter 34

A rich orange tone with caramel shades that comes from the natural color of herbs and burnt sugar. Very rich and balanced, with intense herbal and citrous tones. A delicate, but persistent and embittering herbal tone. The body is characterized by bitter tones and its richness in components that makes it complex and persistent. Rounded and smooth in the end, thanks to the seeds and roots of angelica, but mostly to the citrus fruit.

Fred Jerbis Amaro 16

Deep amber, whose different shades, given by the natural colour of the botanicals, can be seen against the light. Bud scents with herbal notes, which is typical of botanicals. Deeply leafy hints, with final root fragrances. Herbal, balanced and delicate, with deep, round flavours with a pleasant, bitter touch. The finish is light citrus.


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