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06 Jun

The Antipodes Gin Co: Low-Impact, Sustainable & Delicious

By: Justine Teal Categories: Spirits, Organic

The Antipodes Gin Co. began in 2015 when three childhood friends came together to create Australia’s first certified organic, carbon neutral spirits company. Since the beginning, the aim of Antipodes has been to be low impact, sustainable, and delicious. They wanted the business to have as little impact on the environment as possible, promote sustainability, not use any GMOs or ingredients that had been exposed to pesticides, and work alongside like-minded, ethically-motivated farmers and suppliers that work in harmony with nature and their land.

With its 100% renewable electricity target, Canberra was the perfect place to launch the sustainably-focused distillery. Antipodes is ACO Organic certified and carbon neutral through Carbon Neutral Australia and their “Plant a Tree” program. Being organic certified means the team at Antipodes have to work smarter and more creatively as it’s challenged them to think carefully about every practice and process.

The gins and spirits produced by The Antipodes Gin Co. are uniquely Australian and are carefully created from separate botanical distillations ensuring that every batch is consistent from the previous and that every botanical shines bright. Antipodes embodies the Australian people and land in its search for exciting combinations of flavours from the wild and amazing botanicals that are unique to the country, and are inspired by the Sunraysia region and its sun-drenched citrus orchards, simple life pleasures, and the coming together of friends and shared moments.

Distillers Mike Dennis and Justine Dagorno share the passion for the environment and sustainability that Antipodes has and aim to create their delicious and botanical spirits, while remaining environmentally responsible. Mike has a background in industrial engineering, renewable energy engineering, and research technology. He completed a Graduate Certificate in Distilling and Diploma in Distilling through the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in the UK, and his aim is to produce new age spirits that make people smile, and to do so in an environmentally responsible
manner. Justine’s background before Antipodes was in wine, having completed 7 vintages in Australia, New Zealand and France, where she is originally from. After the 2020 bushfires, Justine was looking for her next role and decided she could utilize her winemaking skills in distilling and began her journey with The Antipodes Gin Co. Justine has enjoyed the challenge of distilling and is happy to work at a distillery that shares her ethical and ecological values.


The Spirits

Antipodes Original Gin

Highly aromatic, fresh juniper and crisp pepperberry on a citrus orchard on the nose. The palate has subtle sweetness, clean and fresh organic spirit with a finish of lemon myrtle bon bons of excitement crossing to warmth and lingering delight of herbs and spices.

Antipodes Pink Gin

Bright floral, pleasant strawberry gum and pink musk sticks on the nose. The palate has bursts of grapefruit and Kakadu plum with a savory flower party. The finish has a subtle sweet zesty dryness and lingering happiness.

Antipodes Vodka

The nose has subtle sweet earthy aromas from its sugar cane beginnings with a clean and almost creamy viscosity. The finish has warm finesse and length.

Antipodes Juniper3 Gin

The nose is of a juniper forest after a summer shower, piney and fresh with a hint of white pepper. The palate has delicious red berries, tangy citrus tart with a cheek puckering dryness. Celebratory juniper coating subsides on the finish, warming to a lingering tingly pepper end.

Antipodes Chai Gin

The nose is highly aromatic, brewed chai sweetness with guest appearances from clove and star anise. On the palate, tingly dance of star anise and cinnamon, spice explosion with a whole mouth feel of bright spices and lingering sweetness on the finish.

Antipodes Oceanic Gin

The nose has notes of piney juniper, fragrant and citrus/lime icy pole freshness. The palate is crisp, salty and fresh seas dancing with orange blossom. The finish is long, citrusy, clean and refreshing.

Antipodes Espresso Liqueur

Clean coffee berry notes on the nose- almost fruity. The super clean Antipodes organic vodka lets the coffee do all the talking here, subtle sweetness, full body of coffee that is completely connected on the palate. The finish is an indulgent coating of coffee love, an indulgent buzz.

Antipodes Chardonnay Barrel Gin (200ml)

Buttery and vanilla oak notes are revealed on the nose from the earlier vintages of organic wines into the spirits citrus and floral tones. On the palate, slight oak from the medium toasted barrel warms the palate softly- an elegant martini or simply nestled on ice.

Antipodes Pinot Noir Barrel Gin

The nose has silky fresh juniper, orange blossom and oak tones from deep within the barrels 3 vintages of Chardonnay and Pinot all play a part in the steady maturation across 7 months. A savoury gin on the palate- fresh and bright neat, over ice, or happily mixed with your preferred tonic.

Antipodes Shiraz Barrel Gin

The nose has orange peel, sherbert and white jasmine, rich fruit on the mid palate with an almost syrupy mouthfeel. Subtle oak flavours from deep within the barrel also reveal a savoury fresh pepper and juniper berry finish that is worthy of your finest cocktail explorations.

Antipodes Gin Gift Box Pack
(3 x 200ml bottles)

Cardboard outer gift box containing:
– 1 x 200ml Organic Chardonnay Barrel Aged Gin
– 1 x 200ml Organic Pink Gin
– 1 x 200ml Organic Espresso Liqueur


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