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08 Mar

Women In Wine

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Happy International Women’s Day! Today and everyday we celebrate the wonderful and talented women who make the wine and spirits that make our portfolio what it is.

Along with a special thank you to the women of the Single Vineyard Sellers team for everything they do – Justine, Molly, Corynne, Jordan, Gemma, Emilie, and Kimberly – we appreciate you

The Little Wine Company

Suzanne Little of The Little Wine Company began her wine career in 1988, and has since undertaken several other projects including completing both Economics and Law degrees and working in the Sydney Futures Exchange. However, she’s always seemed to find her way back to the wine industry.

In 1991, Suzanne completed her degree in Wine Science and worked as a senior winemaker at Rosemount Estate, leaving in 2000 to join forces with her husband, Ian Little, to develop The Little Wine Company. Together, they are bringing alternative and funky varieties to the Hunter Valley region such as Pecorino, Barbera, Vermentino and Sangiovese.

Champagne Jacquart

Joëlle Weiss has been the head Oenologist of Champagne Jacquart since 2020, bringing her extensive experience in the wine and communications industries with her. After graduating as an agricultural engineer from ESA Purpan, Joëlle made wine in both France and abroad before a change of career led her into communications and journalism contributing to various publications.

Her extensive knowledge of the wine industry, comprehensive vision of Champagne, and her high-level technical training complemented by international experience are just a few of the strengths that Joëlle brings to Jacquart.

Vignoble des 2 Lunes

Sisters Amélie and Cécile Buecher are the first generation of head winemaker women to run Vignoble des 2 Lunes, which has been owned and operated by the Buecher family for at least seven generations. Amélie and Cécile bring their own unique vision to the winery, often walking a fine line between a drive for modernization and respect for ancient times and practices.

The sisters both studied the wine trade and travelled around North America before coming back to Alsace to work in the winery. Vignoble des 2 Lunes is Demeter biodynamic certified and strives to live in harmony with mother nature.


In the early 1970s, Lisa Anselmi’s father, Roberto, decided he wanted to change the direction of the winery his father founded. While the winery previously bulk produced wines, Roberto wanted to produce wines with a quality over quantity mindset. Frustrated by the low quality, high regulations, and lack of ambition of Soave, Roberto made the bold decision to leave the appellation in 2000.

Today, Lisa carries on the standards for high-quality wines and is ensuring the world knows the story of Anselmi and their wines. Anselmi is widely considered one of Italy’s best white wine producers and Lisa is working hard to bring these wines to new markets across the world.

The Antipodes Gin Co

Before finding a new passion in distilling, Justine Dagorno of The Antipodes Gin Co. completed 7 vintages in Australia, New Zealand and France, where she is originally from. After the 2020 bushfires, Justine was looking for her next role and decided she could utilize her winemaking skills in distilling and began her journey with The Antipodes Gin Co.

Justine has enjoyed the challenge of distilling and is happy to work at a distillery that shares her ethical and ecological values. Excitingly, she’s soon to be an Australian citizen so we’re guaranteed to get to continue enjoying her flavours!

Domaine des Terre de Velle

Sophie Laronze of Domaine des Terres de Velle grew up in Burgundy and quickly returned to her roots after studying business in both Germany and Champagne. After many years of exporting wines from various regions of France, in 2004 Sophie joined her husband, Fabrice, who had been working as a winemaker at Alex Gambal’s winery in Beaune.

In 2009, Sophie and Fabrice decided to combine their experiences and create Domaine des Terres de Velle, a great challenge in Burgundy, where one generally becomes a winegrower by descent. However, with the shared passion of the two winemakers, they have thrived in their pursuit to find the expression of the terroir in each wine they create.


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