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24 Jul

Wines Without Boundaries

By: Justine Teal Categories: Wines

Since 2011, Astrale has been proposing a new concept of wine, projecting itself into the empyrean of oenology. The director and creator of Astrale is Peppe Randazzo, an oenologist from the Sicilian town of Avola. Peppe has embarked on a long journey that has taken him across the four corners of the globe, from California to New Zealand, to the heart of Tuscany. In all of his oenological adventures, he’s always been inspired by authenticity, attention to detail, and the immense potential that lies behind every single grape.

Peppe has brought this passion into Astrale, aiming to create a brand that represents an authentic Italian blend made from some of the most recognized Italian grapes and wine regions. The focus is to make the best wine possible based on four pillars: boundless quality, territory, culture and Italianess. By choosing the best quality grapes, regardless of appellation boundaries and rules, selecting and bringing together the great Italian biodiversity, mixing winemaking techniques and local knowledge that dates back to the Roman Empire, and interpreting the Italian wine style- a very versatile and complex, but not complicated wine.

Astrale is a Latin term indicating the celestial sphere, which is a reflection of the borderless approach of the wine. In its name, is etched the immensity of the firmament and the intimate bond that unites us to our past. Under the sign of the constellations, humanity has forged its destiny. The stars inspired our ancestors with legends about gods and heroes, offered prophecies to the monarchs, and shaped the fortunes of farmers and sailors who read the celestial chart as the peered into the darkness of the starry night. From the time of the ancient gods of Rome until today, the stars have guarded the mysteries and dreams of mankind.

Astrale stands as an heir to history and interpreter of quality without boundaries. The wines are a journey through time and space, speaking the magnificent language of Italian culture and the breathtaking lands of Italy. Astrale embodies the constant search for perfection that has led Peppe across every part of Italy, without forgetting the place from which it all began- the hills of Tuscany. Despite being one of the most complete expressions of Italian oenological values, Astrale has a Tuscan heart that blends perfectly with the exquisite Italian soul.

The Wines

NV Astrale Prosecco DOC

93 pts – Kim Brebach (BWU20): Peppe Randazzo, is originally from Sicily, but has also worked in Tuscany, New Zealand and California, making this a truly international wine. Winemaker Peppe Randazzo calls Sicily home, but has worked around the globe, from California to New Zealand. This bubbly is a dry Prosecco with a lot of flavour, serving up warm bread, stonefruit and a squeeze of lemon. Lovely wine.

NV Astrale ‘Rosso’

97 pts – Luca Maroni

92 pts – Huon Hooke (The Real Review): Medium to deep red colour with a good tinge of purple and an intriguing bouquet of cherry conserve, dried flowers and dried herbs, violets and thyme to the forefront. The wine has superb depth of fruit, lovely freshness and brightness, that thyme-like, mixed dried-herb flavour chiming in strongly on the palate. (Primitivo 40%, sangiovese 30%, montepulciano 15%, nero d’avola 15%. The primitivo is partially air-dried)

2022 Astrale Chianti DOCG

Deep, ruby red with an intense and persistent fragrance of mature red fruit. It’s a well structured, smooth wine, with soft tannins and distinct notes of red fruit.

2019 Astrale Chianti Riserva DOCG

92 pts – Luca Maroni

(Tasting Notes): Of intense and persistent fruity bouquet, flavour develops sinuously, subtle notes of vanilla coming through in the end. Warm palate with soft tannins, velvety shades, rich structure, with a long aftertaste.


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