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2019 Domaine Galuval Rasteau ‘Les Collins’

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2020 Domaine Galuval Cairanne ‘La Valllee’ Blanc

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2020 Domaine Galuval Cairanne ‘La Montagne’

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Cognac For Connoisseurs

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In the early 2000s, Francis Abécassis founded his brand and over the years has created several different labels under the Domaines Francis Abécassis name, all with the aim of making more affordable, exceptional aromatic expressions. Francis is a former wine producer in the South of France, who was unfortunately forced to sell all his vineyards….

Deep Down – Organic Update & Vintage 2023 Harvest Report

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You Can Trust The Word “Organic” In New Zealand, there has been a very positive development for the organic sector – the final passage of the Organic Products and Production Act was put through Parliament in late March. The government’s approval of this law in an important official recognition of organic production. Until this bill…

Fred Jerbis

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Fred Jerbis stands for “Federico’s herbs”, a name of Friulian origin to give the right emphasis and importance to the territory which is crucial to the creation of these products. This project originates from Fred’s passion for plants and nature. FJ is an alchemist continually in a dialog with nature; a researcher experimenting with new combinations of flavours and an herbalist growing plants with care, day by day.


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